Future Design of Digital Banking Application

Coolbeans_Future Design of Digital Banking Application

Introduce to the future of the cashless idea that using the smartphone to access digital banking. Digital banking is the digitalization of banking services to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and better serve customers. It allows customers to withdraw money, apply for loans, make payments online or on their smartphone, and more.

Digital banking is extremely common in every area of the world, including Southeast Asia increasingly interest in switching to digital banking. Cambodia is a noticeably country in Southeast Asia that is gaining popularity in digital banking.

As the result, there are many banks in Cambodia digital banking in Cambodia story to upgrade from physical payment to online payment with a mobile application.

As for Coolbeans; the tech solution company is the best at designing UX/UI and develop digital banking applications. Coolbeans has approved several design and development services for digital banking. Even ABA, one of Cambodia’s top banks, recommends and trusts Coolbeans for integration support.

Coolbeans will help the future of digital banking applications that will transform every offline payment to online payment. Furthermore, Coolbeans company proposed an application including most of the features that would be useful in the future of digital banking.

1. Tracking Payment

Tracking payment is the idea for the user to tracking every moment that they spent money within the application or the credit card. To see and check the balance of their money. It’s easy to make a report of their payment with an application that records everything of the user’s payment.

2. Make Online Payment

The idea that the user can make every payment within the online payment of the application feature. A realistic idea of online payment helps a ton of people used to face to face payment, this idea helps them to make a payment only use an application such as TV bill, the electric bill, and water bill, etc.

3. Online Transfer

Online transfer is a popular idea within the online business and even the physical business. The customer will send money to anybody with only their account number, making it simple for them to move money everywhere

4. QR Code Payment

The QR code has widely used which allows users to easily make payments and appreciate by simply scanning the code. As for QR code payment, the user simply scans the QR code take it to the transfer account records.

5. Visual Card

Additionally, the visual card is essential for credit card authentication which makes in the same way as a regular credit card, and we would specify the amount of money in the card if the user purchases anything on an e-commerce platform and the site is compromised.

6. Reported

The user can make a report when they have a problem with losing, cancel, block, freeze the card and make the user feel secure on any problem related to this might be happening.


The digital banking application had changed the way people make a payment from physical to online. Coolbeans will assist in creating the ideal application for this by including all of the features listed.