Must known points for running the online business 

Must-known points for running the online business 

Setting a virtual store for your business may not guarantee to be easy, yet it’s not an impossible task either. It will require the owners to possess some basic knowledge on certain topics. Therefore, when you are planning to give your online business a launch, there are some points that you must know:

? Understanding business-related technologies

? Considering the design and the written content

? Interacting with customers through multi-channels

1. Understanding business-related technologies

  • Know the e-commerce platforms that can run your business 
  • Understand customer payment gateways
  • Increase traffic with Search Engine Optimization 
  • Get help from analytic tools for your website

2. Considering the design and the written content

  • The right theme that suits your business
  • Master in products photography 
  • Check the products contents/description 
  • Design eye-catching posters, ads, and brochures

3.  Interacting with customers through multi-channels

  • Chatbot that handles questions from buyers
  • Frequently asked question webpage
  • Customers review and feedback session
  • Get in touch with customers through social medias


Therefore, it’s crucial for business owners to always broaden their knowledge on the business matter and put it into practice. This is undoubtedly a big help to the growth of your e-business. 

Taking these points into account, Coolbeans Studio works closely with the professional team to produce the latest e-commerce products that can ease off the inconvenience and bring in full satisfaction for your consumers. With the cutting-edge solution that comes with a powerful design, we know it’s all it needs to get the job done. 

In this digital era, the use of mobile applications and websites for daily tasks has significantly driven up. Digital services that take the world by storm, including the food and express delivery mobile applications, banking apps, online shopping in all categories, and news websites are all in our area of expertise. Coolbeans Studio has always put every effort into designing and developing the final products that fulfill your business goals. Our professionals are more than ready to be your consultant and offer the best tech solution in the town.