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Winsun Cambodia is a proud member of the Taisun Holding Group and has secured its position as the leader of the Cambodian hygiene products market.

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    Winsun Cambodia

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The Client
Winsun Cambodia is a proud member of the Taisun Holding Group and has secured its position as the leader of the Cambodian hygiene products market. With our most well-known diaper brands UniDry and SunMate, we have been offering a sound solution to personal health and hygiene to families across all of Cambodia.

"Bring the landing page with beautiful experience."
We bring all winsun's product to the front with unique photo direction design for all the brands and categories.

The Challenge
New Winsun website need to design new experience with all brands to display
and focus on the their theme color in order to present their product and the detail of the brand in order to make the meaning stand out.

Visual design
follow by branding.

Winsun icon - Coolbeans
Winsun photo direction - Coolbeans
Product direction - Coolbeans
Colors - Coolbeans

Bring product
to life.

With great visual language, we can design and develop
the element that users can understand what they do
and what they want to do next.
Winsun Cover - Coolbeans
Winsun case - Coolbeans
Winsun cambodia - Coolbeans
Winsun Challenge Coolbeans
Extra attention to
detail development.
Our team really got into the application’s mood. We were
motivated to focus on every little detail including icon
animation, to really enhance the user interaction.

Leave it all
on the screen.

Winsun homepage - Coolbeans


Focus just only on the
home screen.

All the element included button is on the home
screen easy to access and navigate with nice design.


Show the product
with branding colors.

With the correct photo direction and
branding the color for each category of products.
Winsun product - Coolbeans
Winsun aboutus - Coolbeans


Age of bussiness
that help all visitor keep trust on the brand.

About us page is the central of information that allow our visitor can find more detail informatioon about our compnay. so we need to have good list of display with enough information.
The result
We are succesuflly to design and develop the official new website's winsun
with a beautiful experience for diplay all their cantegory product and bring more visitor to check the webiste and find more on the detail in formation that they are looking for.


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