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Introducing the most lovable food and restaurant review website and application which everything in one site.

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    User research User journey

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    Foodbuzz - Cambodia

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    Website, Application

The Client
Foodbuzz is one of the best food reviewers and popular in Cambodia
social media. Foodbuzz started as the Facebook page which they have
reviewed many restaurants that were serving good food. As they
received a lot of love and support from the audience, they started
to create a website and mobile app for them.

"Food is everyone's favorite - everyone in this world
enjoys eating food, there is nobody who hates eating food. "

The Challenge
Foodbuzz has cooperated with our individual team to design and develop
the best application and website for the audience. Foodbuzz application
and the website would be beneficial for audiences to search for many
kinds of food cuisine popular in their area, exploring the eatery industry
by providing restaurant details and location which easy to find. We hope
that this application and website would be helpful to the audience in
finding a good restaurant and food. Both of the companies hope that this
application and website could be promoted Khmer foods to the Cambodian
and other countries.
Before After
Compare the old website vs the new website

The inspiration from
Cambodia is one of the well-known cuisines in Southeast Asia. There is
a lot of restaurant presents a different type of foods so Coolbeans and
Foodbuzz created an application and website for every restaurant in
Cambodia present their foods to the user in which is easy for the user
to choose a restaurant with the best food to eat.

Build an MVP for first
staging product.

Web platform
The web platform for food lover use was one of the first products
we developed. Our aim was to simplify and refine the internal
workings of the system and adapt it to all age groups. The website
feels nice and light, unified by a “food” color.
Mobile application
To get the first step correct, the mobile app for foodies encounter many
challenges. Our goal was to simplify and improve the simplest way to
present content to users of all ages. With eye-catching content, the
app allows people to experience the mood in the restaurant.
The development
start to process.
Our team build and developed each page from scratch for every
type of content with a banner and icon to represent each page,
and designed the best website for all group of food lover.
The result
We have designed and developed the most beautiful food review application
and website. We expected that this platform would help people daily life
related to choosing the restaurant for their date, gathering, or party
and finding the most suitable food for them. We are proud to present
the Foodbuzz platform to the food lover. We are having fun and enjoy
design/develop this platform.


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